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Why Invest Your Money?      Read Related Articles >>
The Investing Concept
So what is "properly invested" money? Well, it certainly isn't a savings account. You'll learn everything you need to know about simple stock market investing in another chapter.

Why Invest Money? Learn the importance of investing and what kinds of returns you can expect. Read more articles about reasons for investing money.
Investment Basics                Read Related Articles >>
What's Keeping You from Having Money?
Learn about what is keeping you from having all the money you need and money for investing. Discover how you can increase your money and overall worth without a salary increase.

Investing Basics Discover more details about investing techniques as you read on. Learn more about the basics of investing money.
Saving Money Strategies      Read Related Articles >>
List of Ways to Save Money
Don't play the lottery. Just don't do it. You might as well flush your dollars down the toilet. Learn how to easily save hundres of dollars a year on common household expenses.

Save More Money Learn ways to save some money and have more money to invest. Discover more about money saving techiques.
Stock Market History            Read Related Articles >>
1929 Stock Market Crash
There have been many stories about the stock market "crash" of 1929 causing dozens of people to commit suicide by jumping out of windows and even causing the great world-wide depression of the 1930's.

Stock Market History Learn the history behind Wall Street and the stock market concept. Read more on stock market history and the rise of Wall Street.
Stock Market Basics             Read Related Articles >>
What is a Stock Share?
Corporations issue official-looking sheets of paper that represent ownership of the company. These are called stock certificates, and each certificate represents a set number of shares.

Stock Market Basics Learn the basics of the stock market to get the most out of your investments. Learn about the stock market and trading stocks.
Stock Market Indexes          Read Related Articles >>
Dow Jones Industrial Average
The number one watched stock market index is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Should you be watching?

Stock Market Indexes Make your investments more successful. Read about the various stock market indexes and how to interpret them.
Stock Market Investing        Read Related Articles >>
How to Pick Winning Stocks
You'll learn the basics of reading and analyzing a company's financial statements. This is part of what is called "fundamental analysis".

Stock Market Investing Learn how various techniques to play the stock market correctly. Learn about stock market investing and how to start today.
Mutual Funds                        Read Related Articles >>
Advice About Choosing a Fund
Even though mutual funds are professionally managed, there is still a lot of risk by choosing a fund solely on the record of its past performance, or how well it is doing this year.

Mutual Fund Investing Learn the benefits and drawbacks of investing in mutual funds. Find out if investing in mutual funds is a smart move for you.
Investing Advice                  Read Related Articles >>
Which mid-cap index fund is the best one?
Discover how to choose the right mid-cap index for your budget and investment goals.

Investing Advice Learn secrets to investing smarter. Read more helpful investing advice from the professionals.
Retirement Planning           Read Related Articles >>
Roth IRA Ė Taking Money Out
Did you catch that part about taking some money, anytime, out of a Roth IRA without paying a penalty and taxes?

Retirement Planning Learn smart ways to start preparing for your retirement. Learn how you can start financially planning for retirement today.
Saving For College             Read Related Articles >>
College Scholarships
Why canít you rely on scholarships? Only 39% of students receive them, and the average is only $3,000 per year.

Saving For College Find ways to save and finance your child's college education easily. Learn how to start saving for college today.
Financial Planners             Read Related Articles >>
Type of Financial Professionals
Find a list of different types of financial planners that can help you with your life investments.

Financial Planners Learn about areas of investing that a financial planner would be beneficial. Read about how a financial planner can help you.
Investment Opportunities   Read Related Articles >>
We have all heard of the term "stocks and bonds". You have a clear understanding of stocks now, but just what exactly is a bond?

Investment Opportunities Learn other investing pratices that will stretch your dollar. Learn about investment opportunities that are anything but conventional.
Financial Charts                  Read Related Articles >>
Save $100 each year
Money potential for each and every $100 saved every year, adding the same amount in an investment once a year.

Finacial Charts See charted examples of how your investment money can grow over. See several financial charts that will help predict your investment's ROI.
Investment Terms                Read Related Articles >>
Investment Terms Find a complete list of investing terms and definitions. Read investment terms so you can understand investing lingo.

To find more investing and stock related websites input the phrase "investing advice" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other investing, stocks and online trading websites.
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Who's Not Investing?

Millions marry and start families each year without taking basic steps to make sure their future, as well as their children's, is financially secure.

According to a recent survey by Princeton University and the Consumer Federation of America, 70% of households with incomes under $50,000 a year have retirement savings of less than $5,000. This same report said "most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck".

Learn more about how you can plan, save and invest smart for your family's future.

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