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Which mid-cap index fund is the best one?

This is a good question. If you want the one that charges the lowest expenses, go with Vanguard. But they have a minimum account opening requirement of $3,000.

The Dreyfus Mid-Cap Index Fund (Class “R” shares – no load and no 12b-1 fees), up 4.7% so far this year as of May 2002 (while the S&P 500 is down 5%) looks like a good choice, with a minimum requirement of $1,000, but has consistently lagged behind the index because their management tries to outperform the benchmark by only investing in about half of the companies, just the “best” ones.

So here are your other choices:

  • AAL Mid Cap Index II

  • California Investment Trust S&P Mid Cap (no load)

  • First American Mid Cap Index S

  • Maxim Index 400

The California Investment Trust (best choice, after all fees returned 16%, 10-year annual average, as of 03-31-2002) has a $5,000 minimum opening balance, but if you use

  1. ScotTrade’s Mutual Fund Center (8,000 funds) 1-800-619-SAVE

  2. Fidelity’s Funds Network (4,500 funds) 1-800-544-6666

then you can start with as little as $500 if you designate the account as an IRA or Roth IRA (which you should do, of course).

Requirements change from time to time, so inquire with the fund company or fund network.

If you are starting with a lesser amount in another investment, that will work too. As you add to the account and it grows to over $500, it’s easy to transfer to the fund that you really wanted. Any mutual fund company or broker will be happy to give you an easy, short form to do an automatic transfer.

I’ll repeat this from my closing of the last chapter: Get started now, keep saving and investing, and you will become wealthy. This is the way it works for others, this is the way it will work for you.

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