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Fade the Market: The smart money is selling into rallies.
Fannie Mae - Federal National Mortgage Association. A publicly owned organization that purchases mortgages from banks and resells them on the open market to investors.
FASB -Financial Accounting Standards Board: A governing body established in 1973 to define and monitor the usage of generally accepted accounting principles, called GAAP.
FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the federal agency that guarantees deposits made by consumers in member banks.
Federal Funds Rate: The interest rate on overnight loans between banks who cannot meet reserve cash requirements.
Federal Reserve Board (FED): Seven members appointed by the president to oversee the federal reserve banking system. They set key interest rates to stimulate or slow down the economy.
Federal Reserve System: An organization established by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to regulate the U.S. banking system.
Fiscal Year: A 12 month period selected by a company for reporting to the IRS.
FIFO: First In, First Out, a method of accounting for inventory that assumes that the first item to be produced was the first item sold. The opposite of LIFO.
Fixed Cost: Production costs that do not vary, even when sales volumes change. Expenses such as rent, interest, and executive compensation are considered fixed costs. 
Float: 1. The total number of shares available for trading. 2. The time lag between when a check is deposited and when it clears.
Franchise: The sale of the license and rights to establish and manage a business under a recognized name using set business practices.
Franchisee: The individual or company that purchases the rights to operate a business from the owner or franchiser or franchiser.
Franchisor - Franchiser: The owner of the rights to a business concept who sells them to the franchisee.
Fraudulent Conveyance: The transfer of funds or property from one individual or business to another in order to avoid having to turn over such assets to creditors. A form of hiding assets.
Fraud: Any scheme used to misrepresent, deceive, or take advantage of another in order to deprive them of money, property, or a legal right.
Freddie Mac: A nickname for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) A private, shareholder-owned company that was chartered by Congress in 1970 to create a secondary market in conventional mortgages, thus increasing the supply of funds available to prospective homebuyers. The FHLMC purchases mortgages from federally-insured financial institutions and resells them in the form of mortgage-backed securities, which it guarantees. FHLMC is often called a "government-sponsored corporation" because it was created by Congress and is regulated differently than other corporations
Free on board (FOB): Shipping arrangements that indicate exactly when the buyer assumes responsibility for the transport of a product. The location specified on an invoice as FOB is the point to which the seller will assume responsibility for transport. Beyond that point, it is the buyer's responsibility.
Fundamental Analysis: Predicting the potential of a company’s stock by analyzing the financial data from its financial statements, as well as other economic factors that affect the company’s industry.
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