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GAAP: Generally accepted accounting principles established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, since 1973.
Garnishment: Forced payment of a debt or direct withholding of wages of the debtor.
GATT-General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: A multinational trade agreement regarding trade issues and policies.
Generic: A non-branded product sold at prices generally below those of name-brand products. 
Ginnie Mae: The nickname for the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA). A government-owned corporation that acquires, packages, and resells mortgages in the form of mortgage-backed securities.
Gold standard: A national monetary standard using gold as the basis.
Golden Handcuffs: An employment contract between employer and employee that pro- vides lucrative compensation and benefits during an employee's tenure with the firm. However, if the employee leaves, s/he is liable for repayment of the compensation and benefits received during his or her employment.
Golden Parachute: A lucrative severance package negotiated for a top executive in the event of a takeover.
Goodwill: The intangible assets of a business that impact its overall value. Such assets might include company reputation, loyal customer base, brand recognition, and employee morale.
Greenmail: Repurchase of company stock from a potential acquirer in return for assurances that the acquirer will not pursue the takeover of the company. Generally, the purchase price of the stock is inflated by the acquirer.
Gross Profit: The amount remaining after the cost to produce a product (cost of goods sold) is subtracted from the net sales.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Total value of all goods and services provided by workers at companies located within the U.S. borders. “Real GDP” is adjusted for inflation.
Guarantee: A promise by a company that its goods and services will perform as advertised.
Guaranty: An agreement to be responsible for the obligations of another individual or business.
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