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In the Black: Making money 
In the Red: Losing money
Index: A stock market or other securities index is a yardstick measure to compare the price movement from moment to moment. The most well known is the Dow Jones Industrial Index, usually just called the Dow.
Inflation: When things cost more than they used to. The declining value of money due to prices going up.
Initial Public Offering (IPO): When a corporation sells shares of stock to the public for the first time.
Injunction: A court order barring a defendant from doing something that would harm the plaintiff. If the defendant ignores the order, s/he may face fines, penalties, or formal charges.
Installment Contract: A purchase agreement that calls for regular set payments that include both principal and interest.
Insurance Premium: The regular payment for insurance.
Insured: The person covered under an insurance policy.
Insurer: The insurance company.
Interest: The price paid for the use of money. A borrower pays interest, a lender earns interest. A bank pays you interest on your savings account because you are lending them money.
Insider Trading: Illegal trading of securities based on confidential information from internal company sources. Since such information would not be generally available to the public, the trader has an unfair advantage.
Intangible Asset: Non-physical company assets such as patents, technical know-how, and trademarks.
Internal rate of return (IRR): The discount rate at which an investment has a net. present value of $0.
Inventory Turnover (turns): The rate at which a firm's inventory is totally depleted over a period of time, usually a year. A company's average inventory divided by its annual sales will give you its inventory turnover.
Investment Bank: A brokerage firm that sells securities for corporations and clients. They dispense merger advice, employ analysts, and underwrite IPO's.
Institutional Investors: Pension Funds, Universities (did you know that they have endowment funds with billions of dollars?), and cash-rich foundations and companies that invest big dollars.
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