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National Debt: Money that the U.S. Government has borrowed by selling T-Bills and Bonds.
Naked Option: The situation in which an investor has purchased a put or call, but does not own any shares. If the share price rises, there is the potential for great gains, without having to invest large sums of money to actually purchase shares. However, if the price drops and the investor has to replace the shares "borrowed" for the transaction, the cash outlay can be huge.
Nasdaq: The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system. The largest stock exchange in the world.
National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD): The largest self-regulatory organization for the securities industry in the United States. NASD is responsible for the operation and regulation of Nasdaq and the over-the-counter securities markets; it is the parent company of NASD Regulation, Inc., and The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
Nationalization: Action by the government to acquire ownership in a company or industry.
NAV: The net asset value, what one share is worth, of a mutual fund.
Negotiable: Investments that can be easily transferred to another form.
Net Lease: Lease in which the tenant agrees to pay the landlord or owner a basic rent and also agrees to pay separately for all maintenance, operating, and other building expenses. Called a triple net lease when all taxes are passed on to tenet, plus a percentage of sales. Many shopping centers operate this way.
Net Tangible Assets: An accounting term defined as stockholders' equity minus goodwill.
Negotiate: Bargain with another over price or terms.
Negotiable Instrument: A document, promising to pay an amount of money to another individual or business, that can be transferred to some- one else and still be valid. A check is the most common form of a negotiable instrument.
Net Present Value: Today's discounted value of a string of cash inflows in the future.
Net Sales: Gross sales minus such costs as cash discounts, shipping charges, and inventory returns.
Net Worth: An individual's or business's total asset value minus all obligations.
No Par: Stocks issued without a specific face value.
Non-callable: Securities that issuers cannot redeem before the date of maturity.
Non-conforming Use: Changes in zoning requirements that occur after a structure has been built and is in use and that now make the structure noncompliant. A non-conforming use permits continued use of the structure, but requires that any future changes to it be approved by the zoning board.
NOW Account: Negotiable order of withdrawal, commonly called interest checking. A checking account that pays you interest.
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