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Odd Lot: Less than 100 shares of stock. A round lot is 100 shares.
Offering Circular: Brief marketing materials describing a new stock issue.
Open Order: An order to buy or sell a security that remains in effect until it is either canceled by the customer or executed.
Operating Income: Sales generated from day-to-day operations of a firm.
Opinion: A written evaluation of the accuracy of a firm's financial statements provided by the firm's certified public accounting firm.
Opportunity Cost: The cost of giving up one opportunity in order to invest in another. For instance, the opportunity cost of eating a hot fudge sundae is the brownie you could have had instead.
Option: The purchased right to buy or sell securities at a set price for a specified period of time. Key executives often receive options to purchase company stock at an advantageous price as part of their compensation package. 
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): A manufacturer that supplies its product to other firms who sell it as part of their product line, often under a different brand name.
Out-of-pocket Loss: The difference between the value of what the purchaser parted with, and the value of what he or she has received.
Over the Counter (OTC): The market for securities that are not bought and sold over the major exchanges. Penny stocks are one example of securities that are only available over the counter.
Overdraft: A situation in which the amount of money deposited in an account does not adequately cover the obligations on the account.
Overbought: Stock went up to much to fast, and will pull back.
Oversold: Stock took a beating that it didnít deserve, and so is likely to rise instead of falling further.
Overhead Resistance: The zillions of investors whoíve held on to a stock on the way down, are ready to sell as soon as it gets back anywhere close to where they bought it, just wanting to break even. As the stock rises to one of these levels, the heavy selling keeps it from rising further.
Overreaching: The advantage that one business acquires when it cheats or defrauds another business. Any agreements or contracts that arise from overreaching are invalid.
Owner's equity: The total value of a company's shares of stock minus obligations.
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