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12b-1 Fee: Fee charged by some mutual funds for “marketing costs”, most goes to pay salesman commissions.
Takeover: The action of assuming control of a business, usually by a raider.
Tangible Asset: Physical assets, such as land, buildings, and machinery, that can be sold separately from the business entity.
Target Market: A group of consumers or businesses believed to have a need for a company's products that the company attempts to communicate with through advertising.
Tariff: A tax levied on imported products that makes them more expensive, and hence less desirable, than domestic products.
Tax Haven: A geographic location that charges little or no taxes on businesses in the area.
lO-K: An annual report filed with the SEC on behalf of any company that has stock issued, providing information on revenues and income.
lO-Q: An quarterly report filed with the SEC on behalf of any company that has stock issued, providing information on revenues and income.
Tenancy: Possession or occupancy of real estate by title, under a lease, or on payment of rent, with or without a written lease.
Tenant: Individual or entity paying rent to use or occupy property owned by another.
Tender Offer: An offer made by one company seeking to buy another company by purchasing its shares of stock at a price above the current market price.
Term-to-Maturity: The amount of time that will elapse before an obligation becomes due.
Technical Correction: An unexplained drop in stock prices after several days of increases.
Technical Analysis: Studying a stock’s price and volume charts, along with general market charts to predict the likelihood of the price moving up or down.  
Ticker Symbol: A trading abbreviation used by a company to identify itself on a stock exchange.
Time Value of Money: A dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received at some point in the future, considering the fact that rising prices will mean that a dollar will buy even less in the future.
Tombstone: A form of advertisement announcing the issuance of a security by a particular firm or group of firms.
Total Return: Total dividends, interest, and gain in price of an investment. The full amount that an investment has gone up, including any income.
Total Shares Outstanding: The number of shares of stock in the hands of investors.
Trade Deficit: The difference between the amount of exports and imports a country has. When there are more imports than exports, a trade deficit exists for the country receiving the imports.
Trade Secrets: Secret ideas, processes, or ways of doing business that give a firm an advantage but which are not patented. Businesses try to protect such information from being given to the competition.
Trade Surplus: When a country's exports exceed its imports.
Trademark: A registered symbol, theme, mark, or identification related to a person or company. Only that company can use or grant the use of a trademarked item.
Trading Halt: The suspension of trading in a security while material news from the issuer is being disseminated. A trading halt generally lasts 30 minutes and gives all investors equal opportunity to evaluate news and make buy, sell, or hold decisions on that basis.
Treasury Stock: Stock held by a corporation, to be used for honoring stock options, 401(k) matching, and can be resold to raise money.
Trend: A series of occurrences that indicate a pat- tern.
Triple Witching Hour: The hour before the market closes on a day when both stock options and futures expire.
Trust: A relationship established that gives one individual, the trustee, responsibility for the management and care of assets on behalf of another individual, the beneficiary.
Turnover Rate: Number of times a mutual fund’s portfolio changes in one year.
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