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UGMA / UTMA: Uniform Gifts to Minors Act and Unifor Transfer to Minors Act. A way of giving children money without giving them control of it until they are adults. If the child earns less than $700 a year, there is no tax. The money can be used for anything that benefits the child except things that are a parentís basic responsibility such as food or clothing.
Undercapitalized: A situation in which a business does not have the necessary funds to transact normal business.
Undervalued: When a share is trading at a price lower than its market value.
Underwrite: The process of purchasing securities from the issuer in order to sell them back to the public. The underwriting firm is an investment banker who assumes the risk of bringing a new securities issue to market. The underwriter will buy the issue from the issuer and guarantee sale of a certain number of shares to investors; this is firm-commitment underwriting. To spread the risk of purchasing the issue, the underwriter often will form a syndicate (underwriting group, purchase group) among other investment firms.
Unfriendly Takeover: The acquisition of a business under protest from the current managers and/ or owners.
Unsecured Creditor: A person or business that is owed money, with no collateral. They credit was extended solely on the belief of the debtorís future ability to repay.
Unrealized Loss: A loss that has occurred on paper through a drop in price but which has not yet been realized because the security has not yet been sold.
Uptick: A transaction executed at a price higher than the preceding transaction in that security.
U.S. Treasuries: Bill: short-term (3,6,12 months) obligation, sold at a discount Bond: long term, 5 to 25 years Note: 1 to 5 years, interest is paid by coupon
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