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Value-Added Tax: A tax levied at each stage in the production cycle, when another feature is added to the functioning of the product.
Variable Annuity: A variable annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company or a bank in which you contribute money that grows tax deferred and receive a payout later, generally at retirement. Variable annuities differ from fixed annuities in that you decide how to invest your contributions. As a result, the size of your payout is variable — it depends on the success of your investments. Contributions to an annuity are made after taxes but all capital in the annuity grows tax-deferred, similar to employer-sponsored retirement plans or traditional IRAs.
Variable Cost: Production costs involving raw materials, labor, and utilities that vary according to the production quantity.
Venture Capital: Capital provided by a pool of investors for use by firms just starting or expanding, in return for an equity position in the venture. .
Venture Capital: Money invested in start-up companies by a venture capital firm. The venture capitalist hopes to make a big profit when the start-up “goes public” and its shares are traded on a stock exchange.
Vesting: When an employee becomes eligible for retirement benefits.
Volatile: When a market or a stock’s price has wild swings up and down.
Voting Rights: The opportunity to vote on issues of importance to the company. Owners of common stock acquire voting rights
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