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Financial Retirement Plan Articles
  1. Retirement Planning
    Today, only 14% of us work beyond 65 years old, and the average retirement age is now 63. Start planning your financial future today.
  2. Basics on Traditional vs. Roth IRA
    Our government has made it easy for anyone to begin saving, up to $3,000 each year using an IRA. The maximum amount is to be raised each year until 2008, when a worker can put away $5,000 each year.

  3. Roth IRA – Taking Money Out
    Did you catch that part about taking some money, anytime, out of a Roth IRA without paying a penalty and taxes?

  4. Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
    In 1980, a new kind of retirement plan began replacing the traditional pension plan in businesses and government agencies.

  5. More About 401K Plans
    About 85% of 401(k) plans allow employees to take loans against the money in their account, up to a maximum of 50% of their savings.

  6. 401K Savings
    Take full advantage of any matching contributions from your company. It’s free money!

  7. Notes for 403(b) Plan Participants
    Six million people, teachers, healthcare workers, and non-profit employees may participate in their employer’s 403(b) plan.

  8. Senior Citizens Retirement Resources
    Senior citizens have a good retirement resources from a project of the National Council on Aging. They help solve problems related to housing, employment, prescription drug costs, utility bills, and other situations.

  9. Retirement Plans for Small Business and Sole Proprietors
    What do the self-employed do for retirement plans? Many sole proprietors find that the $3,000 per year limitation of IRA’s to be way too low for what they wish to save in tax-free or tax-deferred retirement accounts.

  10. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs
    These plans allow contributions almost as high as the 401(k)s and don't have annual reporting requirements.

  11. SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA
    These are little plans that are considered the lightweights of one-person retirement programs, but they work beautifully for people who make only a small amount of money in a side business.

  12. Your own 401(k) for the self-employed
    Congress opened 401(k)s to one-person businesses this year and expanded the amount of pretax money you could contribute to one.

  13. Employer Retirement Plan Vesting and Contribution
    There is usually confusion about when and what portion of your company’s retirement plan a worker is entitled to. This is called vesting.

  14. Forgotten Retirement Benefits
    You may have worked for companies with pension programs. If you worked there for three years or more, you should contact these companies asking their benefits department if they are holding funds for you.

  15. Other thoughts about retirement accounts
    Fund your retirement savings too the max before funding your children’s education savings accounts. There is financial aid available and public institutions. Your children are more likely to pay back student loans than pay for your retirement.

  16. Other thoughts about your retirement needs
    If you are over 55 and want a prosperous retirement, it’s not too late. Hopefully you have a relatively small house payment and you’re done paying for your children’s college and weddings.

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Who's Not Investing?

Millions marry and start families each year without taking basic steps to make sure their future, as well as their children's, is financially secure.

According to a recent survey by Princeton University and the Consumer Federation of America, 70% of households with incomes under $50,000 a year have retirement savings of less than $5,000. This same report said "most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck".

Learn more about how you can plan, save and invest smart for your family's future.

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